We are modestly staffed, and this is a thoroughly volunteer effort. We’re not monitoring this site constantly, and we’re not counselors. If you need help, can’t reach out to someone you know and don’t have anyone else you can speak with immediately, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. It is available around the clock. Chat services, Spanish-language services and services for the deaf are available.

A separate organization, Samaritans USA, also has several crisis lines in the Northeast, and those numbers can be found here.

Here’s a global collection of similar resources, the International Suicide Prevention Wiki. And the Online Suicide Support Wiki has pulled together dozens of resources for people who are more comfortable reaching out for help without picking up the phone.

The online therapist finder, HelpPRO, now allows advanced searches for therapists who specialize in “suicidal thoughts.”

The Live Through This portrait project has done more than anyone to put real faces and voices to this issue. Beautiful proof that this can happen to anyone.

And here’s a good read for after an attempt, by someone who’s been there.

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  1. Ugh. PLEASE don’t post unreliable help! Just ask anyone who has been suicidal if the links you’ve posted for online chat have been helpful…or for that matter, how helpful the suicide crisis lines are!!! If you really want to help, PLEASE post REALISTIC information about truly helpful sources…or, blog about WHAT IS LACKING…because really that is a huge part of the problem…those of us who are suicidal know all to well how difficult it is to get help and when websites like this post links to sites that are really not helpful, it makes people think there is plenty of assistance out there…THERE ISN’T ANYTHING CLOSE TO ADEQUATE HELP!!! But really, I don’t think enough people care.


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